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A Memorial Day thank you…

I say a little prayer today for the fallen heroes of our country. And thank the families of those heroes for their sacrifice. I know words cannot heal and hearts will continue to hurt. But your loss does not go unnoticed. … [Read more...]

Weight Struggles

We all struggle with something. We all wish we had a better handle on certain things about our lives or ourselves. One of my struggles has been my weight. I am overweight by about 30-40 pounds (by the doctor’s normal range chart that glares me down every time I visit him). I’ve tried just about every fad diet imaginable. I’m tired of dieting to fit into that swimsuit that I don’t like or fancy clothing that is uncomfortable. I don’t like dieting. I like to eat! I don’t like to … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Jesus

I would like to wish each one of you a merry CHRISTmas. I hope you enjoy the day with the ones you love. … [Read more...]

Staying Connected to Distant Relatives during the Holidays


Unfortunately we are not all blessed to have our entire family near us during the Holidays. Most of us have at least one set of family members that we don’t see on a regular basis and it hurts our heart not to see them during the Holidays. Here are some ideas to keep you connected to your long distant relatives during the Holidays. Text Message: Most of us now have access and use text messages. Yes, I know they seem impersonal but they don’t have to be. Sending a quick text to your … [Read more...]

December Cleaning Calendar


Hello my fellow cleaners! Click here to get the FREE download of your December Cleaning Calendar. This month we are paying special attention to the Living Room area. Good luck and keep moving on! … [Read more...]

Christmas Deals


Hello Friends! I don't know about you but I've started my Christmas shopping already and love a good deal. My husband is a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit books. When visiting one of my favorite "deal" sites I read about the Hobbit Movie deal on Amazon and had to check it out. Amazon has this movie at a cost of $9.99. So guess who's getting this for Christmas! Happy Shopping! … [Read more...]

Hurry Up!

Hurry up

HURRY UP and eat your breakfast HURRY UP and brush your teeth HURRY UP and get in the car We’re going to be late, HURRY UP   Have you ever really stopped and thought about how often we say the words “HURRY UP”?  Well, if you are like me, it’s a lot! I have recently begun to notice how often I say that phrase and to be honest…I say it way too much! One day alone I had counted 12 times before the 9:00am bell at school rang. (I quit counting after that). We live in a … [Read more...]

Older Sibling: Little helper? or Little Parent?


We all want our older children to be helpers, but can this role quickly turn older siblings into little parents?  How often do we hear “Help your sister” or “pick up your brother’s pacifier”. These are simple tasks that any little helper would be glad to do but can this go too far? When does an older sibling start feeling and acting like a parent? My siblings are 10 and 14 years younger than I; so I can speak on the topic with some experience. When my first little sister was born, … [Read more...]

November Cleaning Calendar

November Calendar

November Cleaning Calendar Hello Friends! For the month of November the emphasis will be on the Kitchen. We need to prepare the kitchen to handle the upcoming load of baking, roasting, chopping, and loving our families through the service of good food. Who's with me? Head on over to November Cleaning Calendar to get your schedule for the month. Happy Cleaning! … [Read more...]

Saving the World on Halloween


As I dropped off the children at school this morning I sat and watched all the miniature trick-or-treaters as super heroes, police officers, and firefighters. As a member of the “swat team” came in the door a teacher commented on how safe she felt today with all these good guys in school. Wouldn’t we all like to think it was that easy! I don’t know about you but I worry more and more each year about the safety and wellbeing of our children. They grow up too fast and I don’t like it! … [Read more...]